A school girls love to come to and never want to leave


“Every Foxcroft girl is a part of a community that sees the greatness within each student, even if that student has yet to discover it for herself.”
Congratulations for embarking on the grand journey of finding the right high school for you — and for choosing to explore 99499威尼斯信誉. 我们很高兴能分享一些人, 的地方, and programs that make Foxcroft the top affordable international boarding school for girls in Virginia.
After you have a “virtual” look at Foxcroft, please pay us a real 访问 to our uncommonly beautiful 500-acre campus in Virginia. 漫步校园, 参加上课和早会, 看到马厩和运动中心, and meeting students and teachers is the absolute best way to 亲眼看看威尼斯彩票游戏有什么99499威尼斯信誉别之处.



  • 你可以做你自己.

    没有典型的威尼斯彩票游戏女孩. Each girl is known and valued as an individual with her own unique gifts, 激情, 希望, 和梦想. You can take risks and dare to be different without fear because you will be encouraged, 支持, 和庆祝.
  • You'll make friends with all kinds of people from all over the world.

    Students come from across the country and around the world. They represent a wide range of ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups. 它们都聚集在一起形成一个99499威尼斯信誉殊的, 紧密结合着的, accepting community at Foxcroft that honors differences even as it embodies inclusivity, 拓宽视野, and preparing girls for the ever-shrinking global community we all live in.
  • 老师们都很棒.

    我们的 faculty are passionate about teaching girls and are engaged in the community beyond the classroom. 他们担任教练和宿舍家长, 在食堂共餐, 每周与顾问会面. They are available for extra help at daily tutorials and the majority live on campus.
  • 你不会在人群中迷路的.

    我们的 使命与理念, along with our size, cultivate a more individual approach, in the classroom and out. 小型设计, 威尼斯彩票游戏的师生比例是5:1, 平均每班9人, and a caring faculty who mostly live on campus and truly know their students. This enables us to make sure that each student is met where she is in her educational, 社会, 情感之旅, and that she is given the support and/or the challenges that she needs.
  • 女子学校摇滚!

    在女子学校,女孩得到 每一个 opportunity — they are the leaders, the speakers, the stars.

    教育 研究 强烈建议女孩培养自尊, 信心, and sense of purpose essential to success through relationships and affiliations and through opportunities for 协作, connected learning — all of which are best achieved in a 女子学校.

    Unafraid of taking risks because of the support they feel, girls rise to the challenge.
  • You'll gain independence and learn self-reliance "away from home."

    Boarding school teaches you many life lessons from managing time and doing your own laundry to getting along with girls who are very different from you. 

    我们的 system of multiple “dorm parents” creates an extended family which provides intellectual and personal support even as it challenges you to take responsibility for yourself, 以平衡对他人的责任, and to assume leadership in the dormitory and the School.

    另外, 研究 显示, boarding school students use their time more productively, 为上大学做了更好的准备吗, and advance more quickly in their careers than independent day and public school graduates.
  • 你会威尼斯彩票游戏500英亩的美丽的探索.

    在99499威尼斯信誉, teachers take classes outdoors for scientific exploration, 创作灵感, or a change of scenery that enhances focus and motivation. 学生们每天都到户外去做运动, 骑马, 欣赏美景, 或者干脆从宿舍走到食堂.

    我们数英里的骑行和跑步路线, 和游泳池一起, 网球场, 运动场, 以及鹅溪等自然景观, 难以抗拒. 无论你走到哪里,都有一些99499威尼斯信誉别的东西. 正如一位以前的学生所说,“它 is hard to not fall in love with the scores of blooming cherry blossoms in the springtime.”
  • 善良和社区不仅仅是口头上的.

    故意小, Foxcroft is an especially warm and personal educational community full of kind, 有爱心的人. 女孩们来这里是因为她们喜欢她们所看到的, 听到, and feel during their 访问s — that our core value is that each student is known and valued, 精神上的卑鄙是不能容忍的, 学校的传统很棒, and that students love their teachers and their friends. 校友珍惜一生的友谊.

    Many schools tout their sense of community; Foxcroft exudes it.
    • 学校的粘土

——Saylor ' 18

“The best thing about Foxcroft is the ability to be yourself, to feel free to express who you are. 在这里,与众不同是件好事.” 


“The thing I love most about Foxcroft is being able to meet people from around the world and being able to have that special bond with someone.” 


“I love the relationships I have established with all of my teachers, in and out of the classroom.”





  • 4月


    Families looking for an outstanding secondary school experience are invited to 访问 Foxcroft on Friday, 4月26日, 参加招生开放日.

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An all-girls boarding and day school in Northern Virginia, Foxcroft prepares young women in grades 9-12 for success in college and in life. 我们的 outstanding academic program offers challenging courses, including Advanced Placement classes and an innovative 阀杆 program. 我们的 premiere equestrian program is nationally recognized, and our athletic teams have won conference and state championships. Experience the best in girls' boarding schools: 访问 Foxcroft.